where we believe Spells, Potions, Wizarding Worlds and Music belong together!

This is a whimsical place where children can earn points for their Houses (think Harry Potter), collect Treasures for time spent with their instrument, and gather charms and tokens for completing Challenges.

Your child will participate in a wide range of musical experiences that make learning joyful, while practicing important musical skills that will serve them a lifetime.

Making music can be a joyful and magical experience for young learners

Whether it’s piano, keyboard, guitar or recorder, I’m here to make music fun and meaningful for children of all ages.

We use games and learning experiences that draw from a wide range of musical education approaches. The curriculum is based in a whole person approach to learning, and is focussed on the process of music making.

Here’s a taste of what your child will experience (click on the image to find out more):

Sound interesting to you and your child?

I’d encourage you to read about my approach, your role as parents, and the details of the teaching contract to make sure you agree to all aspects of working with each other.

Feel free to download my Inspire magazines below, completely FREE of charge. They’ll give you a glimpse into the sorts of magical musical experiences we get up to. As does the Resource Library on this site.