It’s Holiday Time!

Well, we made it to the end of another exciting term of music!

I wanted to do a bit of a ‘Round Up’ in pictures, so here goes….

GRADE 2-4s

We started a BRAND NEW Monster Munching Music Adventure, collecting coins for achieving certain practice goals:

  1. Sight Reading
  2. Scales & Finger Exercises
  3. Main Piece (extra coins given for every 30 minutes of practice)

Everyone seemed to love the new challenge, and I want to CONGRATULATE each and every person for their hard work and dedication. For some people, that has meant establishing a more consistent home practice. Other students have made sure they have practised ALL of the goals asked for. Others have upped their own ante!

I wanted to acknowledge some students who have worked EXTRA hard to ensure they had completed each task every week, and completed it to the absolute best of their ability. Some students have put in 90-120 minutes of practice each week, which I really want to celebrate! What an amazing effort!

To acknowledge their dedication, I’ve posted some of their extraordinary Monster Coin Collections below. This isn’t to discourage every child’s effort- I celebrate the success of each and every student!

And some students have been away with illness, holidays and all sorts of things. Others have practiced their main piece really well but consistently forgot the other components of their coin gathering tasks. Others got on board a little later in the term and have been SUPER consistent since then. Well done to all!

At the same time, I just wanted to acknowledge some students’ consistent, dedicated efforts which have shown in their Coin Collection. Well done, everyone!

Please note the photo collection below is randomly generated and not in any particular order.

Links to Important Tutorials

This has been a term of Pop Tunes!

Alongside songs of their own choice in preparation for our Pop Concert, most students have also been learning that Adele classic, ‘Someone Like You‘.

We’ve done this for a for reasons:

  1. It’s a fun piece to play!
  2. It uses musical patterns that can be memorised.
  3. It’s a great introduction to important musical concepts, such as keeping a steady beat and MOST importantly, CHORDS.
  4. We used the concept of chords to create our own Pop Song! It’s a great way to start to understand how music is created and structured.

To help people remember what they’re doing, I’ve created tutorial pages for each of these activities. Simply click on the images below!

Someone Like You    create your own pop song LESSON ONE   create your own pop song LESSON TWO   create your own pop song LESSON THREE


Incy Wincy BookOur little ones have been having fun with Incy Wincy themed music and activities this term!

I created quite a few resources for you, which you can access by clicking the image of the Itsy Bitsy Spider book to the left.

I hope these resources have been fun and useful!

Here’s a few musical experiences we’ve been having of late…

Rhythm Matching Game

Students had to choose a number, flip the card and play the rhythm using ‘body percussion’. They then balanced their way down the string acting as the animal next to their card. They had to find the matching rhythm at the other end of the string and play it with their percussion instrument. This became the start of a tune for some students.

Match the Values

Students then had to sort out notes and rests into their beat values.


They did the Match the Note Values game again in another lesson to help them play ‘Spiders’- a musical version of the good ‘ole dice game, ‘Beetles’.

They walked away with their very own Incy Wincy Spider!

And that wraps up another fabulous term of music!

Have a wonderful holiday break and I’ll see you bright and bubbly next term as we prepare for our Pop Concert in Week 4 🙂

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