Practical Theory on C


This week, we got to know each other and played a musical activity.

Much of the theory work we will do together is very practical, hands-on and active.

This week, your child needed to feel which shape they had in their hand without looking.


The shape was then matched to a rhythm flashcard, which we:

  1. Spoke aloud together (ta, ti-ti)
  2. Clapped together
  3. Played with percussion instruments

rhythm flashcard

percussionWe then took the flashcards to the piano, where we played the combined rhythms on one note.

We then allocated ‘ta’ to be played as one note, ‘ti-ti’ to be played as another. This proved to be a little tricky for some students, but everyone did really well!

Students then wrote their rhythm down into their new Inspiration Music Book One (see the back page). The notes they played were also recorded on the page. Each student gave their tune a name.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be writing your child’s composition down in correct musical notation on the five lines of a staff.


We sang ‘Jack is Quiet’ with the actions many times to help consolidate the rhythm pattern. We then played the song on the note ‘C’.

jack in the box

To help remember where ‘C’ is on the piano, some students had their right hand traced (see the front of your new booklet). We then wrote in finger numbers they will need for their pieces, and the note each finger plays. We then found the notes on the keyboard drawn on the same page and matched the fingers to the notes.

Some students who have been playing for a while also showed me where they are up to in their books and played me some pieces they have been working on.

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