An Ode to My Music Students

Every Child

Every child has their own musical journey to live.

Music making does not depend on natural talent or skill. In fact, it is my mission to rescue music from the tyranny of the talented, as my art teacher might say.

Music is something that lives inside each one of us, and has done so since the very first humans lived and breathed on this beautiful planet of ours. Music sprung forth out of sound, well before the language centres of our brains developed. Music comes from deep within our brains.

We each experience music differently.

We each have something different to say through music.

We could say that music is a series of skills that can be developed, just as Math, writing and story-telling can be developed.

Yet, this alone does not do music justice.

Music is an experience to be lived and breathed.

We have danced around fires for centuries. We have celebrated life and death and harvests and full moons with music. In some tribal cultures, when an important decision is to be made, they dance and sing through nights and days until the best possible solution for the people and the planet is inspired.

Music is a part of us, and we are a part of it.

Each and every child will walk their musical path slightly differently. They will learn some things more easily than others. They will be challenged. They will experience LOTS of the messy middle. They will find ease. They will find what works for them.

In the meantime, we make music a part of their lives. We offer them opportunities to learn and grow so the music inside of them can start to be expressed with more and more skill.

Then suddenly, we hear their music.

And we celebrate.