Absences & Make Up Lessons

There are occassions where we will need to rearrange lesson times.

Sometimes, this is to work around school events and class schedules, in which case I will notify parents as soon as is possible, with an alternative lesson time.

While I am generally fairly flexible and work towards mutally agreeable and sustainble solutions, in working around lots of families, school and many students, sometimes alternative arrangements that suit everyone may not be possible.

The following will help establish some useful guidelines and solutions:

tutor absence

Should I need to postpone our scheduled time due to illness, or professional development purposes, I will let you know as soon as possible and organise a catch up lesson.

Should I occassionally be unable to drive due to ongoing vestibular issues (dizziness etc) or illness, but feel clear headed enough to teach, we can use Zoom technology to have our lesson at a mutually suitable time.

I will provide as much notice as possible in the case of professional development, and send out a schedule of lessons around it.


In person lessons are not advisable should either the tutor or student be ill. As I teach students from many different schools, it is important that illness be contained and not spread. If your child is too ill to attend school, they are too ill to attend in person music lessons.

Should your child fall ill and is unable to attend lessons, we can either organise an online lesson using Zoom should they be well enough, or we can schedule an in person catch up lesson at a later date.

I ask that absences due to illness please be notified via text before 7.30am on the day of the scheduled lesson.


Long or short term holidays taken by families through the scheduled school term are not required to be made up by the tutor. This is a fairly standard arrangement for most music tutors* (see below for details).

Pre recorded video lessons or Activity Packs, or scheduled Zoom lessons, may be offered in cases of absence due to student vacation during the school term (see below).

Here is why most tutors operate in this way…..

* Music tuition is unlike other professions where appointments are on a drop in basis. Lessons cannot be offered to new students should a family be away on vacation, thus the income expected is not replaceable.

By enrolling for lessons, your tutor is putting aside a specified time for your child on a week by week, term by term basis, and this becomes part of their expected income. It is otherwise financially and energetically unsustainable.

In the past, I have tried to either catch up or not charge for lessons missed due to family vacations, and it simply was not sustainable. It created financial strain, a lot of extra work, and no extra time off while the student was absent.

As a tutor, I only take on a certain number of students per year- a number I feel comfortable in knowing I can meet the needs of. I cannot viably take on extra students to allow for family vacations.

Your understanding and consideration of this important aspect of our financial and service agreement is appreciated.

As you are paying for this time, I can ABSOLUTELY create pre-recorded videos for your child, and watch recordings of them playing and provide feedback for the total of the allocated time. I can create Activity or Learning Packs. Alternatively, we can participate in Zoom lessons at a mutually agreed upon time, provided an instrument is available.

Otherwise, this time will be spent doing the considerable work of preparing for your child’s lessons, creating activities, games, compositions and practice activities for your child upon their return.


Once enrolled, your child becomes part of the tutor’s expected income.

In order to provide fair and equitable service:

  • Individual students can organise catch up lessons if the tutor is contacted by 7.30am on the day of the scheduled lesson.
  • It is expected that parents be responsible to inform the tutor of absence and organise individual catch-up lessons.
  • Please contact Cristy to organise this as soon as possible before the missed lesson, so suitable arrangements can be made.

Your money is non-refundable for sessions where the tutor is able to provide lessons and the student is not available. Advance notice is required if your child is going away on the scheduled day for holidays, family trips etc. As much notice as possible is appreciated 🙂

Where the tutor cancels a lesson due to illness or otherwise, a catch up time will be arranged with the student/s, school or parent/s, or the lesson may be deducted from the next term’s fees. Only if the student is not continuing lessons in the following term will a refund be available for that lesson.