Inclusions & Schedule of Lessons


Music lessons are offered 40 weeks of the year, with 10 lessons scheduled per school term.

Students may commence lessons at any time. However, once enrolled, it is expected that all lessons scheduled for the remainder of the year are paid for via termly invoices, unless cancellation guidelines are met.


tuition fee

Your music tuition fee incorporates:

1. Tuition for the specified time- 30, 45 or 60 minutes

2. Studio Licensed Sheet Music (parent to print if needed)

3. Photocopies or PDFs of theory work

4. Keyboard/ piano for lesson usage

These fees are also used to fund:

  • Preparation time for individual student lessons
  • Award Ceremony prizes
  • 2 annual concerts, including decore, and substantial time spent on preparations, program, concert, and pack down (plus any school arranged concerts at my main teaching school). Should venue hire be required, parents will be asked to contribute.
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Tutor Subscriptions to sheet music, theory, games and professional development sites, used only for teaching purposes
  • Studio Licensed sheet music
  • Compositions and arrangements created by Cristy Coates
  • Learning and Activity Packs created by Cristy Coates
  • All music cards, sheet music and challenge pieces created for the themed curriculum
  • Creation of all themed materials, including Challenge cards, journals, Organisational Folders, Spell & Potion cards, assignment sheets, program and curriculum
  • Inspire Magazine creation
  • Access to all tutorials and resources at this site
  • Prizes for personal practice
  • Surplus costs for the journal, prize and challenge program

CHALLENGE curriculum fee

There is a one off fee of $40 per student per year, which covers the basic material costs for:

  • Journal & Assignment Sheets
  • Organisation Folder for all current music
  • Technique Handbook
  • Challenge Prizes
  • Starter Pack

This fee will be included on the first invoice of the year, regardless of start time. We always manage to catch students up with Challenge prizes by slightly altering the challenges, so all items this fee goes towards purchasing are received by all students.


You will need to supply:

1. Instrument for home practice

2. Folders for completed music

3. Payment for tuition

4. Music Books or extra sheet music (or organise payment to tutor)**

5. Required Theory Book

* I am most happy to collect required practical method and theory books from the music store for my musical families. They will be invoiced separately.