Music & Learning

Classes at Inspiration Music Tuition incorporate a range of fine and gross motor skills, musical games, activities and instrumental tuition, percussion instrumental use, singing, activities geared towards multiple intelligences, kinesiology & remedial teaching techniques (based on research in the fields of occupational and physiotherapy) and…. a good dose of FUN!

Lessons are full of

  • fabulous fun
  • musical games and activities
  • engaged learners
  • marvellous music
  • practical opportunities for music making

Learning occurs best in a positive environment, which is maintained through encouragement and support, sharing skills with others, motivation, enjoyment, musical appreciation and experimentation.

This site will give you some insight into my teaching style and methods, so please feel free to explore these pages to see if I’m a great fit for you and your child.

By participating in musical activities, your child can improve their reading, writing and mathematical skills.

In fact, musically based games and activities have been shown to stimulate every section of the brain!


This means, that by enrolling your child in classes which are rich in musical activities, you are aiding the development of their cognitive, social, emotional, physical, lingual AND musical capacities!